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PCR Cycler

PCR Cycler

Thermo Scientific Piko Thermal Cycler delivers top performance with twice the speed and only half the size of regular thermal cyclers.        

The Piko Thermal Cycler delivers high performance in a compact package. Although merely half the size of other PCR instruments, the Piko Thermal Cycler meets the highest criteria in thermal performance and is able to complete a PCR protocol in less than 15 minutes. This is achieved using novel technical advances that allow significant reduction in PCR run times and overall size of the instrument. The Piko Thermal Cycler is an ideal solution for both convential and fast PCR applications. Piko Thermal Cyclers are available with two different block configurations: 24-well and 96-well. 24-well cyclers accept all standard low profile single tubes, 8-tube strips and 24-well Piko PCR Plates. The 96-well instrument utilizes 96-well Piko PCR Plates.

PCR Cycler meets the highest criteria in thermal performance. Find online auctions and classifieds ads for PCR Cyclers and more at LabX.

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