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PerkinElmer DSC 4000

PerkinElmer DSC 4000

Buy and sell PerkinElmer DSC 4000 Instruments at LabX in online auctions and classified ads.

With our DSC 4000 you can expect dependable performance and quality results. This single-furnace, heat flux DSC is designed to run all your routine applications day-in and day-out. Designed with you in mind, this system has an easy-to-load vertical furnace that is rugged, resistant to oxygen and chemical corrosion to keep your lab running smoothly. Easily upgradeable to a DSC 6000, this instrument can also be fitted with an optional 45-position autosampler for unattended operation during peak and off-peak hours.       
Our DSC 4000 offers you the consistency, reliability and superior ease-of-use you’ve been looking for.

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