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PerkinElmer EnSpire Series

The PerkinElmer EnSpire Series comprises advanced multimode microplate readers renowned for their versatility and high-performance capabilities. The EnSpire Series microplate readers offer versatile detection capabilities, including absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization. This enables researchers to perform a wide range of assays and experiments using a single instrument. With sensitive detectors and optimized optics, the EnSpire Series delivers exceptional sensitivity, allowing for the detection of low-level signals in various assay formats. This ensures reliable and accurate measurement of samples with minimal background interference. The EnSpire Series microplate readers feature fast read times, enabling high-throughput data acquisition. This rapid data collection facilitates efficient screening and analysis of large sample sets, saving time and increasing productivity in the laboratory. Equipped with intuitive software and user-friendly interfaces, the EnSpire Series allows researchers to easily program and customize assay protocols to suit their specific experimental requirements. This flexibility enables the optimization of assay conditions and the adaptation of protocols to different research applications. The EnSpire Series microplate readers can be seamlessly integrated into automated workflows and liquid handling systems, streamlining laboratory processes and increasing throughput. This automation capability enhances workflow efficiency and reduces the potential for human error. The EnSpire Series supports a wide range of applications, including cell-based assays, ELISAs, nucleic acid quantification, protein-protein interactions, enzyme kinetics, and drug screening. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in various research fields, including drug discovery, molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics. Overall, the PerkinElmer EnSpire Series microplate readers offer high sensitivity, rapid read times, customizable assay protocols, automated workflow integration, and versatile applications, making them invaluable tools for researchers conducting diverse experiments and assays in life science and drug discovery research.


Models Include:      

  • EnSpire™     
  • EnSpire™ Alpha      
  • EnSpire™ AlphaPLUS
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