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PerkinElmer Lambda XLS

Reliability and consistency are critical to your lab’s success. For over 50 years we have remained at the forefront of research and innovation. Now, we have drawn on our experience to bring you the Lambda XLS spectrophotometer, the instrument you can depend on to meet the demands of your busy laboratory.             

The LAMBDA XLS and XLS+ have been specially designed for academic and industrial laboratories that require a small-footprint, dedicated instrument for a wide range of applications. The LAMBDA XLS and XLS+ are extremely reliable and sensitive instruments that provide a level of performance which is only normally found in more expensive systems.             

Choose the LAMBDA XLS as your personal spectrophotometer for scanning and fixed wavelength studies, kinetics and concentration measurements. Choose the LAMBDA XLS+ as your personal spectrophotometer if your lab should require higher resolution (3nm bandwidth) version of the LAMBDA XLS.

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