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PerkinElmer Spectrum 65 FT-IR Spectrometer

PerkinElmer Spectrum 65 FT-IR Spectrometer

New and used PerkinElmer Spectrum 65 FT-IR Spectrometer's for sale on LabX. Purchase and get quotes on the products you need for your lab. Choose from a variety of vendors.

At PerkinElmer, the history of infrared spectroscopy began in 1944 with the introduction of our IR Model 12, the world's first commercialized IR instrument. Since its introduction we've experienced over 65 years of FT-IR innovative successes with products like the Model 137, the Model 1600, Spectrum One, and the award-winning Spectrum 400.   

New in 2009, we're proud to introduce the Spectrum 65 - our special edition FT-IR model based on the acclaimed Dynascan™ interferometer. With new software and hardware features, this model is designed for the everyday IR analyst who needs a winning instrument at a valuable price.

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