GC/MS methods are widely used for pesticides analysis – especially for the screening of large numbers of target compounds in complex matrices. Full-scan EI methods offer many advantages for broad-range screening, such as an unlimited number of targets, full-spectrum identity confirmation, and library searching for identification of non-targets. Technologies such as Capillary Flow Technology backflushing, Deconvolution Reporting Software (DRS), and a Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors database can increase the number of targets screened while reducing the time required per sample. Agilent GC/MS Analyzer Kits are ready to use and simplify startup. The analysis method makes use of the latest GC/MS technologies, improving productivity in the laboratory and producing consistent, high-quality data from day one.      

Pesticide Testing Equipment

  • Factory configured and tested GC/MS Analyzer Kit for pesticides analysis, to ensure optimal performance of your instrument and application.      
  • GC column, consumables, and pesticides checkout samples so you won’t waste time or money buying individual components.      
  • DVD with method and data files, application note, and quick-start guide for a fast startup of the application.      
  • On-site pesticides analysis checkout to make sure that your instrument and application are ready to go.          
  • Analysis method uses the following technologies: Capillary Flow Technology backflush, Multi-mode Inlet, Retention Time Locking, and Deconvolution Reporting Software, 927-compound Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors Database or Japanese List Pesticides Database.      
  • The easy-to-use SampliQ QuEChERS sample preparation in the Analyzer Kit allows you to prepare your samples in a few simple steps.  
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