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Portable TOC Analyzer

Modern ultrapure water systems demand TOC analyzers that provide the lowest detection limits, most accurate results, maximum sensitivity to the smallest changes in water quality, and a measure of reliability that meets the most rigorous quality standards.         

The A-1000 is ideal for monitoring ultrapure water production and measuring the influent and effluent water at rinse stations to ensure that cleaning is complete. You can also monitor hot and cold water to detect and report quickly even the most rapid TOC changes in the ultrapure water system.         

The A-1000 offers detection limits from 0.05 to 1999 ppb TOC. This operating range ensures the correct operation of water systems in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries. To give an idea of the level of sensitivity, consider that 1 second over a period of 32 years is an equivalent comparison to 1 ppb of carbon in solution.         

The A-1000 family of TOC Analyzers includes all the features needed to monitor organic contamination in today’s most efficient ultrapure water systems. Anatel’s TOC Analyzers eliminate guesswork in your process and offer total confidence in your operations.

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