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Qiagen BioRobot

The BioRobot 3000 series of tailor-made molecular biology workstations is designed for automating liquid handling and sample processing for life science applications. Each system is tailormade to individual application needs. A wide variety of capabilities are available for automating nucleic acid purification, recombinant protein purification and assay, reaction setup (PCR, sequencing, and restriction digest), sample rearray, microplate replication, and other liquid-handling tasks. Principle The BioRobot 3000 improves productivity by automating liquid handling and sample processing. The flexible design of the workstations allows the integration of hardware components, such as cyclers or spectrophotometers, for performing almost any processing steps required for molecular biology applications. Capabilities include small-volume liquid handling, cross-contamination?free pipetting, fully automated plate processing, temperature control, and custom-designed processing. System capabilities can be expanded or modified as requirements change.

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