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Radiometer Analytical PHM210

The PHM210 Standard pH Meter is a microprocessor-controlled instrument which combines accuracy and convenience making it ideal for simple routine measurements of pH and mV both in theclassroom and in the lab.The PHM210 is part of MeterLab®,Radiometer Analytical's completerange of measuring equipment foraccurate and reliable pH, ion and conductivity measurements. In addition to instruments, it provides a full range of electrodes,certified buffer solutions and compatible accessories.   


The PHM210 is extremely simple to operate. Its large 2x 16-character LCD displays clear information to prompt the user through each stage of the straight forward calibration and measurement procedures. Comprehensive warning and error messages, automatic buffer recognition and the AUTOREAD facility all help eliminate the risk of opera-tor error.   


The PHM210 automatically recognises the buffers used for calibration. You only need to select the buffer type required for your particular analysis once. Choose one of three buffer types: IUPAC standards, Technical buffers according to DIN 19267 or 4-7-10 Series.   

With the PHM210 you can choose to perform either a one or two-point calibration. The last calibration result is stored in the memory for the pH measurements which follow.    

Temperature measurement is automatic when a temperaturesensor is connected.   


Using AUTOREAD, the pH resultis locked on the display as soon as the stability criterion is reachedensuring excellent reproducibility.    Alternatively, you can perform measurements by reading the pH or mV result directly from the live display using the convenient sliding stability indicator.   

Easy connections

In addition to inputs for single or combined pH electrode plus reference electrode, the PHM210 has an input for the T201 TemperatureSensor.   

For easy communication, the PHM210 comes fully equipped with a serial port for printer or PC and direct and calibrated analogue output for recorders. The SAM7 Sample Stand, a combined electrode holder and magnetic stirrer, can be connected to themeter directly via the POWEROUT socket.

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