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Radiometer Analytical TitraLab 865

Radiometer Analytical TitraLab 865

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Food & Beverage 

  • Peroxide number: edible fats and oils
  • Chloride: milk, butter, other dairy products 
  • Ascorbic acid: fruit juice and food 

Environment & Water

  • pH, Alkalinity and Ht] hardness
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Sulphate
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand    

Chemical & Pharmaceutical 

  • Acid-base titrations in aqueous/non-aqueous media 
  • Redox titrations  
  • Karl Fischer 


  • TAN/TBN: according to ASTM D664, D2896   
  • Bromine Index and Bromine Number: according to ASTM D1159, D2710 & D5776 
  • Mercaptans: according to ASTM D3227