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Restek Column

Restek Column

Restek is proud to announce that SPP core-shell technology has evolved with the introduction of Raptor™ LC columns. Although column efficiency, which is boosted with superficially porous particles, considerably accelerates analysis time, it has little effect on resolution (i.e., peak separation). Selectivity, on the other hand, has a substantial impact on resolution, but shows minimal improvement in analysis times. New Raptor™ LC columns bond rugged 2.7 Μm superficially porous particles with Restek’s unique Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography (USLC®) phases to offer chromatographers the best of both worlds.       
By being the first to combine the speed of SPP with the resolution of highly selective USLC® technology, Raptor™ LC columns provide the practicing analyst with the most powerful tools available for fast and efficient method development. And because they are from Restek, Raptor™ LC columns are backed by the manufacturing and quality systems you’ve come to trust along with the best Plus 1 service in the industry. Choose them for all of your valued assays to experience Selectivity Accelerated.

Restek's line of HPLC and UHPLC columns includes the Raptor™, Roc™, Ultra, Pinnacle® DB, and Viva product families available with the convenience of USLC® column phases.

Find online auctions and classified ads for Restek Columns and Lab equipment on LabX.  Restek Chromatography Columns  are available in RXi, Allure, Viva and the new Raptor SSP LC configurations.


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