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RheoSense Viscometer

m-VROC™ is the leading small sample viscometer in biopharma applications and is used routinely by leading pharmaceutical companies at multiple locations world-wide. It is the ultimate viscometer for small sample protein therapeutics: as little as 50 µL and high shear rate viscosity measurement, up to 1,000,000 s-1.                       

The m-VROCTM is offered in four sensor specifications (A, B, C, and D) to maximize the viscosity range for scientists and engineers with varying viscosity measurement needs. The B sensor is our general use viscometer. Our A, C, and D sensors are designed for more specialized applications.                           

m-VROCTM characterizes rheological properties of liquids, enabling cost-effective flow management through smart process quantification. Flow management through viscosity measurement is essential in the production of various complex liquids. Our technology quantifies "true" flow properties, whereas many existing products give a qualitative indication of "apparent" properties.

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