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Rigaku MiniFlex II

Rigaku MiniFlex II

Perform XRD measurements inexpensively

The exceptional price-to-performance ratio of the MiniFlex II benchtop X-ray diffractometer sets a new standard for companies, universities, and other research institutions looking to add XRD capabilities to research, development, and educational activities. Low power consumption, compact design, and legendary maintenance-free operation combine to lower the cost of ownership far beyond what would be expected from the already low cost of initial acquisition.

Produce XRD results easily

The MiniFlex II is the world's easiest to use X-ray diffractometer. Installation takes less than an hour. Pushbutton operation, a preset optimized optical configuration, and simple, turnkey software control make users productive in minutes—not days or weeks. Its compact design—enabling portability and requiring minimal space—creates productive users everywhere: in the lab, a production facility, a classroom, or at an off-site location.

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