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Rigaku Supermini

Rigaku Supermini

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Low levels of detection and exceptional energy resolution are the trademarks of the wavelength dispersive XRF (WDXRF) technique. Traditional high-powered "big iron" WDXRF spectrometers provide the ultimate in lower limit of detection and energy resolution, but have a high cost of ownership and somewhat specialized installation requirements.

Simple The first benchtop WDXRF first released by Rigaku in 2001 represented a paradigm shift in the industry, providing many of the benefits of the larger WDXRF machines at a greatly reduced cost, with simplified installation. The release of the high-powered 200 W Supermini benchtop system takes the next step by closing the gap in performance while maintaining the benefits of a benchtop machine.

Sensitive The sensitivity derived from the 200 W source makes the Supermini ideal for applications in metals, cement, environmental, and regulatory compliance where extra low levels of detection are required.

Super  Supermini 10-position sample changer. The Supermini is extremely flexible, capable of measuring from F to U in solids, liquids, and powders, under vacuum or helium environments. The instrument comes standard with a 12-position sample changer for simple, automated operation. As with all Rigaku benchtop WDXRF systems, the Supermini contains all the special software features available in the other members of Rigaku's ZSX series. Data processing is powerful and simple, using Rigaku's trademark flow bar interface for both quantitative and qualitative analysis.