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Robbins Scientific Hydra 96 System

The Hydra microdispenser from Robbins Scientific Corporation is a bench-top instrument providing high-speed, repetitive dispensing of microliter and nanoliter volumes into microplates, 96 or 384 samples at a time. The Hydra microdispenser features 96 (or 384) glass syringes held in a fixed array. The array forms a horizontal X-Y grid that aligns each needle in the exact center of a well in a microplate. A precision motor assembly moves the plungers within the syringes up and down under microprocessor control, dispensing or aspirating liquids to or from microplates and other receptacles. The Hydra microdispenser has a motorized platform that allows you to position microplates and other labware under the syringe array to dispense or aspirate liquids. You program the Hydra microdispenser (using buttons on the front of the unit) to handle basic dispensing tasks, including fill, aspirate, dispense, wash, and empty.