Roller mixers provide a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motions for laboratory purposes. Find online auctions and classified ads for roller mixers on LabX.

Roller Mixer

The BioRotator-6 is a compact, rotational mixer used for a wide variety of mixing needs. The mixing angle is fully adjustable and six mixing speeds are provided. When adjusted with the rotation axis of the motor in a horizontal position, a roller tube attachment (792E) permits hybridization and membrane blotting using as little as 2 ml of probe solution. Using a tray attachment (792T) and adjusting the axis of the BioRotator-6 a few degrees off vertical gives the gentle rocking and swirling action required for conventional destaining and blotting applications. With axis angles between these extremes (and attachments 792R, 792H, or 792MC), one gets a rotating or back and forth washing action the length of the vial, tube, or microplate well. The BioRotator operates at low voltages and easily fits in a laboratory incubator or refrigerator. It can also be used in the field. All accessories snap on using novel fastener strips.
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