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Rotator Genie

Rotator Genie

Designed to provide variable speed rotating in a compact, durable and user-friendly unit. The unit’s compact footprint will fit into most incubators allowing for controlled environment mixing.Has a durable thermoplastic platform that securely holds vessels with super stretch latex rubber strapping.Ideal for mixing of almost any kind of laboratory samples. Supplied with platform.

Continuous-Duty Quality Motor   
Provides smooth, quiet operation.   
Magnetic Platform   
Magnetic Stainless Steel Platform and Clip Plate System holds almost any container at any angle.   
Various Motions   
Uniquely designed for a wide selection of various mixing motions, which can be adjusted from gentle rolling to forceful end over end mixing.   
Holds a Wide Variety of Accessories   
From tubes, flasks, microplates, bags, and odd-shaped vessels at any angle.   
Designed For Various Temperatures   
Built for cold room and incubator use. Will easily fit in most incubators.   
Maximum application versatility, available in two interchangeable platform configurations from Standard Platform to Magnetic Platform.

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Roto-Shake Genie Multi-Purpose Rotator Rocker SI-1
Price: $129.99

Condition: Not Specified

Stuart STR4 General Purpose Rotator
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Talboys Digital 3D Rotator Waver
Price: $1,470.00

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Thermo Scientific Compact Digital Rotator 8888002
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Rotator Genie
Price: $817.50

Condition: New