The AUTOPOL VI unit comes standard with six wavelengths, TempTrol™ NIST traceable standard, TempTrol™ sample cell, TempTrol™ temperature validation cell and IQOQ (Installation Quality, Operation Quality) documentation. AUTOPOL VI Polarimeter. 0.0003 accuracy for low rotation samples of ±1° Arc Ethernet port for network connection Save measurements direct to your network/server 3 USB ports Connect to Windows® based printer via USB 21CFR Part 11 Compliant TempTrol™ Electronic Heating and Cooling Six Standard Wavelengths Designed for demanding analytical laboratories.

AUTOPOL Automatic Polarimeters

Rudolph Research Analytical offers a full suite of polarimeter models for chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, essential oils, education, and university laboratories.

The AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph’s top of the line six wavelength polarimeter specifically designed for the most demanding analytical laboratories.

The AUTOPOL V PLUS is Rudolph’s top of the line six wavelength instrument specifically designed with the input of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The AUTOPOL V is designed for today’s FDA regulated analytical laboratories.

The AUTOPOL IV is available in one, two and six wavelength versions and has a more expensive optical system than the Autopol III. It is the system of choice for research universities, pharmaceutical and fine chemical research departments.

The AUTOPOL III is Rudolph’s entry-level pharmaceutical and research grade instrument.

The AUTOPOL II is a general-purpose polarimeter with ±0.01 Degrees Optical Rotation accuracy.

The AUTOPOL I is Rudolph’s entry-level model with an accuracy of ±0.02 Degrees Optical Rotation.

For over fifty years Rudolph Research has dedicated itself to manufacturing quality instruments and providing superior technical and service support. With over 5000 laboratory  instruments installed worldwide and many of them still in operation after 25 years of service, Rudolph understands the demands of today’s laboratories for durability and reliability.

No matter what the application, Rudolph’s refractometer, polarimeter, density meter,  saccharimeter, and accessory line can meet your laboratory’s needs for accuracy, reliability and performance. has an extensive list of Rudolph Analytical offerings covering a wide range of applications and configurations.  Please take a look to shop and purchase the system that is right for your needs.