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Scharfe CASY Cell Counter

Scharfe CASY Cell Counter

The cells suspended in CASYton, an electrolyte/buffer, are aspirated through a precision measuring capillary with a defined size. While passing through the measuring capillary, they are scanned with a frequency of 1 million measurements per second in a low voltage field between two platinum electrodes. The resulting electrical signals generated by a cell passing the measuring capillary are analyzed by amplitude, pulse width, course of time and resulting pulse area. The analyzed pulse areas of cell signals are cumulated and assigned in a calibrated multi-channel analyzer that has 512,000 differentiated size channels.       

Even the slightest changes in the cell are recorded absolutely, reliably and in a standardized way. Via changes in the cell membrane, even statements about the viability of the cells are possible.

Scharfe CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer systems create reproducible results everytime. Find cell counters and more on LabX today! Browse the ads below and contact the seller directly for further information or request a quote.