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Sensidyne Gilian Gilair 3500 Air Samplers

Sensidyne Gilian Gilair 3500 Air Samplers

With the 3500 there is less risk of lost samples due to battery failure. Both models incorporate a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery which, unlike a NiCd battery, doesn’t suffer from "memory" problems. So there’s no hidden loss of battery capacity, no shorter-than-expected run time and no need for special battery maintenance. You use our standard charger and get the same, highly predictable life, charge after charge.   
When the display indicates a "full" battery, that’s exactly what the pump delivers. Plus, the indicator more accurately displays remaining life throughout the sampling period. You get faster charging too. The NiMH battery charges in under four hours. And you won’t be hampered with special storage or disposal requirements, since the NiMH battery is friendly to the environment.

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