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Shimadzu HPLC

Shimadzu HPLC

Shimadzu HPLC systems demonstrate high reliability, with outstanding performance, such as ultra-low carryover and exceptional area reproducibility, and superior data quality.

The LC-2010HT is a next-generation HPLC based on the concept of high-throughput analysis and automated validation.The LC-2010HT is comprised of a degassing unit, quaternary low-pressure gradient unit, pump unit, mixer, ultra fast autosampler, column oven, and a UV-VIS detector with a thermostatted flow cell. System reliability has been further improved by standardizing the flow line arrangement in order to integrate the units.

How Much Does a Shimadzu HPLC Cost?

The typical price of a Shimadzu HPLC costs in the range of $2,600 - $40,000