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Shimadzu RF-1501

Outstanding Sensitivity - 300 or higher signal-to-noise ratio   The unique RF-1501 optical design provides exceptional sensitivity in an incredibly compact instrument. The bright optical system and noise suppression digital filter allow for high sensitivity measurement. You get a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 300 for the Raman lines of distilled water.   The scanning speed is selectable in 4 steps, the fastest being 3,700 nm/min.   And wavelength slewing is possible at ultrahigh speeds reaching 30,000 nm/min.      Pop-in Program Packs to Meet Your Needs   In seconds, the easy-to-insert Program Packs reconfigure the RF-1501 from the standard quantitative and scanning instrument to a kinetics capable instrument, for example. You can even store your own experimental parameters on convenient Data Packs (IC RAM card).
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