The functionality for continuous automatic measurement has bee added to the ability of the combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR TOC-V Series to perform high-performance, high sensitivity measurement of organic substances.      The On-line TOC-V CSH can be used for Continuous automatic high-sensitivity monitoring of water samples such as pure water and tap water.

Shimadzu TOC-Vcsh

Shimadzu has been a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers since 1967. These state-of-the-art TOC analyzers maximize both sensitivity and productivity, making them the ideal choice for monitoring rivers, lakes, and oceans, assisting in the management of water from public sources, wastewater, and manufacturing processes, and, in the pharmaceutical industry, performing validation processes to meet the required regulations. Today, Shimadzu´s TOC analyzers are the benchmarks of the industry. 

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