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Shimadzu UV-1800

Shimadzu UV-1800

Maintaining the highest level of wavelength resolution in its class (1 nm), Shimadzu's latest UV-VIS spectrophotometer, the UV-1800, can function as a standalone instrument or can be PC-controlled with USB memory. UVProbe data processing software now comes standard so users can drag and drop data from an optional USB memory stick onto a PC.

The USB interface gives users the advantage of macros and graph functions available with commercial spreadsheet software to reduce effort and enhance efficiency. USB memory saves spectral data, quantitation values and measurement parameters. In addition, it saves parameter settings so multiple users can share one instrument. With the UV-1800, stray light and noise levels are reduced. Shimadzu's LO-RAY-LIGHT low stray light diffraction grating restricts stray light to half that of the UV-1700. A brighter optical system reduces the noise level (at 700 nm) to 25 percent of the previous model. Multiple modes, including photometric, spectrum, quantitation, kinetics, time-scan, multi-component quantitation and biomethod, come standard on the UV-1800.

The UV-1800 also offers automated security, and enhanced instrument validation and maintenance functions. The new design includes a 15-percent smaller footprint (45 cm W x 49 cm D) than its predecessor for placement close to other equipment; fewer keys that are spaced farther apart for trouble-free operation; and three display screens — parameter settings, progress status and results display — for clear information and ease of use.

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