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Spectro Spectro Arcos 165

The new SPECTRO ARCOS 165 ICP-OES offers the optimum in capability and flexibility as an economic solution and thus, offers the maximum in efficiency for operations where it counts the most. The instrument fits on every ordinary lab bench enabling it to be easily integrated into existing laboratories. It can be outfitted with an interface for either axial or radial plasma observation. The CCD optic system with a Paschen-Runge mount assembly delivers a matchless resolution of 8.5 picometer in the wavelength range from 165 to 340 nm. With its unique construction and the unrivalled UV-PLUS concept, the novel optic system simultaneously records the entire relevant spectrum from 165-770 nm in the first order. A wide range of accessories is available for the SPECTRO ARCOS 165. This includes alternative sample introduction systems such as an ultrasonic nebulizer, autosampler and automatic dilution system. Additionally, factory calibrated, norm conforming “Plug and Analyze” method packages for typical industrial and environmental applications are available.
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