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SPEX Grinder

SPEX Grinder

High-throughput plant & tissue homogenizer with an adjustable clamp that accommodates a variety of formats ranging from deep-well titer plates to centrifuge tubes. Specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis and tissue homogenization while preserving temperature sensitive samples. Typical samples include plant and animal tissue, cell cultures, seeds, yeast and bacteria.               
Fields Of Application:               
  • Biotechnology               
  • National Defense and Homeland Security               
  • Plant Research and Crop Science               
  • Pesticide Residues               
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals               
  • Marine Biology                

SPEX Grinders use automated mechanical disruption that is ideal for high-throughput applications involving sample preparation for DNA, RNA, and protein extractions, pesticide residue analysis, and more.

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SPEX SamplePrep 2010 Geno/Grinder
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SPEX SamplePrep 2025 Geno/Grinder
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Condition: New