The Microplate Stacker can be used with the multi-detection readers Mithras and TriStar as well as the microplate fluorometer Twinkle. A barcode reader provides positive plate identification making the system a true walk-away solution for microplate reading.

Stacker LB 931

The Stacker unit LB 931 will complete the Mithras LB 940 and TriStar LB 941 multimode plate reader models and the Twinkle LB 970 fluorometer in terms of throughput. These instruments can now be used as a stand alone unit, equipped with the 25 or 50 plate stacker or any other robot system.     

The plate stacks can easily be exchanged or removed to enable manual or robot operation even with the stacker attached. The Stacker LB 931 accepts 24, 96, 384 and 1536 well plates from the major plate manufacturers. A barcode reader ensures positive plate identification.     

With the Stacker LB 931 assays in the areas of GPCRs, kinases, Calcium monitoring, protein-protein interactions, camp, reporter genes and many more applications can be transferred to unattended automation. A unique feature of the Stacker LB 931 is the re-stacking operation mode enabling long-term studies of e.g. reporter gene expression.

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