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Stovall Life Science Inc. Belly Dancer

Whether you need gentle, continuous agitation or vigorous mixing, the Belly Dancer® is your instrument of choice for: staining and destaining gels; Northern, Southern or Western blotting; in various environments, bench top operation, cold rooms warm rooms.    
The unique, undulating motion of The Belly Dancer shaker is designed to provide the optimal movement for the multiple stainings and washings involved in gel and blotting techniques. Agitation is gentler but more efficient than the action of ordinary shakers. The smooth combination of vertical and horizontal orbital motion allows for more rapid exchange of solvents in applications like staining and destaining gels and assures lower background in applications such as blotting. One dimensional shakers do not have the versatility and range of application that results from the variable speed (6 rpm – 100 rpm) and adjustable platform pitch of The Belly Dancer®.    
As for other shakers, all they do is shake. Wouldn’t you rather have a Belly Dancer®?    
Also Available: Belly Button - the compact version of the Belly Dancer!
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