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Tecan Fluent

The TECAN Fluent is a state-of-the-art automated liquid handler designed to streamline workflows, optimize assay precision, ensure consistency, and free staff up for more valuable tasks. The Fluent has an optional arm available, the L-FCA, which has 8 channels with independent vertical movement (Z axis) for liquid detection and automatic spacing between channels of 9-38 mm, allowing different labware formats to be addressed.

The Fluent is highly flexible and modular, able to be configured to suit your needs. It features field-upgradeable arms and devices and allows easy integration of third-party options and APIs. This makes it a great investment that can keep up with innovation.

The Fluent excels in liquid level detection and dead volume reduction, conserving samples and reagents. It is compatible with plate formats up to 1,536-wells. The user-friendly software interface promotes quick learning, simplifying training. Its drag-and-drop interfaces enable workflow customization without custom programming.

The Fluent also has a small footprint and allows below-deck access without additional robotics. This makes it a great choice for laboratories looking to get the most out of their space and budget.

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