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Tecan PlateReader AF2200

The Tecan PlateReader AF2200 is an advanced microplate reader designed for high-performance absorbance and fluorescence measurements. The AF2200 supports a wide range of applications, including absorbance and fluorescence assays, making it suitable for diverse research and clinical laboratory needs. Equipped with both absorbance and fluorescence detection modes, the AF2200 enables the quantification of various analytes and biomolecules with high sensitivity and precision. The plate reader offers a broad dynamic range, allowing accurate measurement of sample concentrations spanning several orders of magnitude. With rapid read times and the capability to process multiple microplates in a single run, the AF2200 ensures efficient sample analysis, increasing laboratory productivity. The intuitive software interface provides easy setup, data acquisition, and analysis, enhancing user convenience and workflow efficiency. The AF2200 is compatible with automated liquid handling systems, enabling seamless integration into automated laboratory workflows for high-throughput screening applications. Overall, the Tecan PlateReader AF2200 combines versatile detection capabilities, high sensitivity, rapid throughput, and user-friendly operation, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of research and diagnostic applications in life sciences and drug discovery.

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