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Techne Genius Thermal Cycler

Techne Genius Thermal Cycler

New and used Techne Genius Thermal Cycler for sale and auction at LabX. Find your ad below and contact sellers directly to purchase.

Techne® is established as one of the leading suppliers of thermal cyclers with experience in the design and manufacture of thermal cyclers since 1987. The exciting new TC-PLUS range extends the potential applications to both fast and high-throughput PCR. The TC-PLUS thermal cyclers have all the latest features from colour touchscreen to fast ramp rates along with some innovative additions such as a an automatic, non-motorised heated lid, TERS™, thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. The TC-PLUS and satellite units can be combined to forma any multi-block format with the satellites being controllable from either a PC or the TC-PLUS. Purchase of this instrument conveys a limited non-transferable immunity from suit for the purchaser’s own internal research and development and applied fields other than human in vitro diagnostics under non-real-time thermal cycler patents of Applied Biosystems LLC.

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Thermal cycler Techne Genius PCR system
Price: $599.00

Condition: Used