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Tek-Temp Chiller

If your requirements call for a rugged recirculating chiller that's dependable, economical and simple to operate, the TKD-100 Series is your best solution. These compact, single-channel chillers feature CFC-free refrigeration systems with compressor hot discharge gas bypass. Our standard digital display temperature controller offers display of process/setpoint temperature and provides stability to ±1.0°C.   
The TKD-100 Series Chillers' circulating pump and compressor motors are all thermally protected. Standard features include a liquid filled pressure gauge to indicate recirculating coolant outlet pressure and locking casters for easy portability. Filling of the coolant reservoir is easily accomplished through the top of the system. The quickly removable top and side panels simplify maintenance.   
The TKD-100's heavy-duty circulating pumps ensure continuous, reliable operation. A variety of pumps are available to meet almost any application, from positive displacement rotary vane types to regenerative turbine types. Our engineers will be happy to assist in selecting the pump most suitable for your application.

  • Fully customized temperature control solutions tailored precisely to your cooling and/or heating needs
  • A variety of compact sizes to fit a wide variety of industrial uses
  • CFC-Free, environmentally-friendly refrigeration systems
  • Maximum cooling efficiency with quick response time to changing load conditions
  • MET Labs Certification to UL and CSA standards is available on a variety of chillers
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