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Thermo Fisher Scientific Heto PowerDry PL6000

Thermo Fisher Scientific Heto PowerDry PL6000

The Heto PL6000 models present a unique new principle in freeze drying, the twin-capillary tube system - PowerDry®. The principle reduces the time required to reach operating temperature, at the same time providing an ice trapping capacity of 6 kg/ 24 hours or 10 kg total unheard of in a compact lab freeze drying unit.  

The Heto PL6000 freeze dryer comes in two models:  

  • PL6000 -55 - has a standard condenser temperature of -55°C, which is well suited for straightforward freeze drying applications.    
  • PL6000 -90 - has an advanced refrigeration system designed for more complicated and demanding applications; it uses a cascade refrigeration system providing a temperature down to -90°C.

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