Base deactivated and endcapped for reduced peak tailing   Highly reproducible, robust columns with long lifetimes   Hypersil columns directly from the manufacturer for the best quality, service and technical support   Now available with 2.4Μm particle size for faster, more efficient separations  

Thermo Hypersil

Thermo Scientific Hypersil columns have been trusted by researchers for over 30 years. Each batch of silica produced for these columns is tested to make sure it results in the same separations as previous batches, guaranteeing you have the same results time after time, even after changing your column. The wide range of phases ensures a column is available to match your application.

Find online auctions and classified ads for Thermo Hypersil HPLC pumps and related scientific equipment on LabX.  Available in Classical Hypersil columns including ODS, Hypersil BDS base deactivated columns. Look for the new Hypersil Gold HPLC Columns.


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