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Thermo IEC Centra CL3R

The Centra-CL3R (refrigerated) general purpose model provides new conveniences for today’s laboratory.  

Quality Control Over Sample Preparation

The CL3 series will store and lock up to 99 protocols and has speed and accuracies to the nearest 50 rpm, select temperatures with 1 °C increments, as well as automatic speed calculation of the g-force. Laboratory technicians can be confident that the CL3 series will provide you a quality performance with accurate results. Capable of reaching 4 °C from 20 °C in ~7 minutes with rapid condition means you always spin at the required temperature.  

Run-To-Run Replication

Thermo IEC’s exclusive “At-Speed” Timer mode is just one more convenience of the CL3 series. The timed portion of the run begins when sample load reaches set operating speed, providing you with the appropriate g-force effect on the sample for the desired time period—run after run.  

Most Accommodating

The CL3 series accommodates up to 1 liter of sample (4 x 250 mL) accepting a wide variety of popular tubes including 15 mL, 50 mL, 225 mL conical, Vacutainer® tubes to 15 mL (16 x 125mm), microtubes, microplates (standard and deepwell), microscope slides, and an assortment of filtration devices. 

New Quick Release Rotor   

The Thermo IEC 243 Swinging Bucket Rotor, utilizes convenient sealed Aerocarrier Adapters which accommodate sample volumes ranging from 0.25 mL to 250 mL. Exchangingrotors is a cinch with a simple, quick release/mounting mechanism. Additional savings may be realized because the CL3 series will accept rotors from various Thermo IEC centrifuges both past and present.

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