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Thermo NanoDrop 2000

Thermo NanoDrop 2000

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000 and 2000c are full spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometers capable of measuring samples as small as 0.5ul. Both instruments utilize a patented sample retention system which allows for micro-volumes to be directly pipetted on a measurement surface, virtually eliminating the need for dilutions. Measurement time is less than 5 seconds. The system allows scientists to quickly and easily quantify and assess purity of samples such as nucleic acids and proteins.

As a result of patent-pending technology, NanoDrop 2000c combines the micro-volume pedestal technology and cuvette capability onto one platform. It has built-in cuvette capability, which means that most common cuvettes and micro-cuvettes can be used with the instrument. This innovative technology provides scientists the flexibility to choose the measuring technique most appropriate for a particular sample.

NanoDrop Products has played a pioneering role in microvolume instrumentation by developing unique UV-Vis spectrophotometers and fluorospectrometers for the life sciences market.

Since 2001, more than 35,000 NanoDrop instruments have been utilized in academic, research, commercial, and QC labs focused on such diverse fields such as genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, molecular diagnostics and bio-manufacturing. The technology foundation of every NanoDrop product is based upon the patented sample-retention system. This system allows scientists to quickly and easily quantify and assess purity of samples such as proteins and nucleic acids.

Relevant for virtually every lab that deals with biological samples, NanoDrop instruments like the NanoDrop 2000 or 2000c are often a favorite in the lab due to its speed, simplicity and robust nature.

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