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Thermo Scientific iCE 3000

The Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 is an advanced atomic absorption spectrometer distinguished by its precision and quantifiable analytical capabilities. With an exceptional detection limit, it enables the accurate measurement of trace elements in various samples. The instruments have spectral bandwidths that range from 0.1–1.0 nm, accommodating a wide range of versatile applications. Equipped with a rapid sample introduction system, it optimizes efficiency. The iCE 3000 is a preferred choice in analytical laboratories where precise and quantifiable elemental analysis is crucial for scientific research and quality control.

All iCE 3000 Series spectrometers are completely automatic with full element capability. Control is via a data station running Thermo Scientific iCE SOLAAR software under a Windows® operating system. Flame absorption/emission systems can be extended to graphite furnace and vapour modes by the use of the appropriate accessory.

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