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Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC

Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC

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The Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC combines 30 years of experience with new features for enhanced usability. The new system combines the renowned reliability of the Multiskan® range with a new large color screen, "quick keys" and multiple language options to ensure excellent usability. The Multiskan FC is a reliable and robust microplate photometer for scientists, lab technicians, students and other laboratory personnel performing a wide variety of routine and basic research applications.         

Designed to process both 96- and 384-well microplates, the Multiskan FC can be controlled as a stand-alone instrument or via the Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software, in a number of different languages. Furthermore, ready-made sessions for the SkanIt® software can also be downloaded from the Internet for most common assays. Equipped with an onboard shaker and optional incubator the Multiskan FC is suitable for a wide variety of photometric applications, such as end point, dual wavelength and kinetic assays.         

The Multiskan FC has a comprehensive range of built-in and optional quality, verification and self-diagnostic tools. The proven and patented optical design, together with the built-in self-diagnostics tools and auto-calibration feature, guarantee proven day-to-day performance. These wide-ranging features and a compact footprint ensure that the Multiskan FC is an excellent microplate photometer for a wide range of applications in all laboratories.    


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51119000: Multiskan FC     

51119100: Multiskan FC with incubator

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