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Thermo Scientific Shandon CytoSpin 3

The Shandon CytoSpin 3 Cytocentrifuge was the first device to use low-speed centrifugal force to separate and deposit a monolayer of cells on slides while maintaining cellular integrity.        

Excellent Preparations:  

  • Produces a monolayer of cells within a clearly defined area.    
  • Cytofunnels load in a tilted position to prevent cell loss. They move to an upright position during operation to deposit cells.        


  • The sealed head protects the user from the danger of aerosoling pathogenic samples. (Load/unload within the safety of a microbiological cabinet.)    
  • Cytoclips load and unload easily without contact with the sample.        


  • Disposable sample chambers are available in sizes to match the collection requirements of a wide range of samples.    
  • Simultaneously spin up to 24 samples in 12 chambers. Also uses microtitre strips.    
  • 9-program memory.     
  • Programmable acceleration speeds (200-2,000 rpm) ensure protection of all cell types.    
  • Disposable chambers are available in sizes from 0.1ml to 6ml to accommodate a wide range of samples.        

The Shandon Cytospin 3 centrifuge is useful in application areas such as hematology, oncology, cytology, histology, rheumatology, virology, serology, microbiology, and immunochemistry. The legacy Shandon Cytospin is considered to be the first reliable way to employ centrifugal force to isolate and set down a monolayer of cells on slides, at the same time preserving the cellular integrity.

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