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Thermoelectrics Stir-Kool

SK-12D The Stir-Kool Model SK-12D is our most advanced production model to date. Featuring a programmable digital meter, it can be used as a single setpoint controller for steady state use, or as a ramp and soak controller for time dependent processes such as recrystallization. Settable in tenths or degrees, the unit will control to one tenth of a degree regardless of fluctuations in line voltage or ambient temperature. Stirring of solutions for thermal equilibrium is easily accomplished with standard magnetic bars. The SK-12D has minimal power requirements - less than 1 amp - yet delivers 130 BTU of initial cooling power. Water flow of about 1 liter per minute through the heat exchanger carries the waste heat away.

The SK-12D controls from ambient to -200 C. The SK-12D-AW offers similar performance but with an air heat exchanger. Its compact size and versatility make the SK-12D a must for precision cooling in the laboratory. [b]SK-12[/b] The Stir-Kool Model SK-12 is the original and versatile cooling plate instrument used in thousands of laboratories in the U.S. and around the world. At 8 pounds, in its compact size it provides a combination cold plate with stirring that meets most needs for benchtop refrigeration with uniform thermal equilibrium. A great value, the SK-12 is a staple in many laboratories.

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