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Titertek Multidrop

Titertek Multidrop

The Multidrop 384 dispenser is a valuable tool for rapid filling of standard 96-well and 384-well microplates.The Multidrop 384 has the flexibility to dispense into 96-well or 384-well plates at the flip of a switch and is easily integrated within your SAGIAN™ Core System. This automatic, programmable, lightchannel dispenser operates with full computer control capability.The Multidrop 384 utilizes a high precision peristaltic pump to directly dispense from single or multiple reagent bottles. Dispensing as little as 5 µL per well up to a maximum of 395 µL, the Multidrop 384 is both accurate and fast. One through 24 columns may be selected for dispensing, and up to eight different reagents may be added.

Titertek Multidrop microplate readers can be found through online classified ads and auction on LabX. Browse through the ads below and contact the seller directly for more details or request a quote. 


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