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Type II Water System

Type II Water System

AQUA SOLUTIONS' Type II DI Systems are available in Single and Dual module versions for low and medium flow applications that require Type II DI water. All AQUA SOLUTIONS' Type II laboratory water purification Systems produce purified water that exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS specifications for Type II reagent grade water.

Type II Reagent Grade systems are also available as high-flow, high-capacity systems for glassware washer and other high-flow applications. Low Flow systems should be considered for point-of-use applications and low flow (3-6 liters/min) glassware washers.

Laboratory water systems are designed to produce pure water Type 2. Find water purification systems at online auctions and classified ads on LabX.

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NuAire 6' Class II Type B1 BSC 120V 60 hz. Pharmacy Application
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