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Varian SpectrAA 50 and SpectrAA 55

The Varian SpectrAA 50 and SpectrAA 55 are atomic absorption spectrometers ideal for laboratories requiring an entry-level system with advanced capabilities.

The SpectrAA 50 is a single-beam AA spectrometer. It features an LCD screen and a dedicated keyboard for simple operation. It also has automated wavelength and slit selection for easy setup. The SpectrAA 50 has two fixed lamp positions, allowing one analysis to be completed while pre-warming the lamp for the next element in sequence.

The SpectrAA 55, on the other hand, is a double-beam AA spectrometer. Like the SpectrAA 50, it also features an LCD screen and dedicated keyboard for stand-alone operation. It shares the same features as the SpectrAA 50, including automated wavelength and slit selection, and two lamp positions.

The key difference between the two models is the type of beam they use. The SpectrAA 50 uses a single beam, while the SpectrAA 55 uses a double beam. This difference can impact the type of analysis each model is best suited for, with double-beam spectrometers typically offering greater stability and accuracy for certain types of analysis.

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