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Vector Fluid Bed Dryer

Vector Fluid Bed Dryer

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One System – Four Processes 

  • Top Spray Granulation Processes   
  • Bottom Spray Coating Processes   
  • Patented Wurster Accelerator System for Reduced Process Time   
  • Drying Processes   
  • Granurex® Rotor Technology (patented) *   
  • Spherical Coating and Layering Processes   

Portable Self-Contained System 

  • Electrical and Compressed Air Connections for Easy Removal of System   

Quick Changeover Design

  • No Tools Required for Process Changeover   
  • Removable Spray Gun and Product Screens   
  • Removable Cartridge Filters (2 micron retention)   

Optional Processing Flexibility

  • Hot Melt and Wax Matrix Processes   
  • Increased/Reduced Processing Inserts 

Integrated Peristaltic Pump

  • Precision Solution Addition  

Validatable Control System 

  • Inlet Airflow and Temperature Control   
  • Solution Spray Rate Control   
  • Process End-Point Control   
  • Time, Exhaust or Product Temperature   
  • Touchscreen Control *