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Vernier Mini GC Plus

Vernier Mini GC Plus

New and used Vernier Mini GC Plus's for sale on LabX. Purchase and get quotes on the products you need for your lab. Choose from a variety of vendors.

Recommended for College and High School. Data-collection software sold separately.       

Use room air as the carrier gas developed by Seacoast Science, the Mini GC uses an efficient, software-controlled internal pump system. This design allows our Mini GC to use room air as the carrier gas. Use Vernier’s award-winning software for column control, collection, and peak integration. With either Logger Pro or the LabQuest App, peak integration analysis and retention-time determination are built right into the software.       

Measure several compounds    Alcohols    Aldehydes    Aromatic hydrocarbons    Carboxylic acids    Ketones    Esters    Ethers    Nitriles

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New VICI Pulse Discharge Detector (PDD)
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