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Volumetric Pipettes For Sale

Volumetric Pipettes For Sale

Shop for new and used volumetric pipettes on LabX. Find the reusable pipettes you need for your laboratory and save big.

Calibrated To Contain (TC) and To Deliver (TD) to Class A tolerances. Kimble™ Reusable Volumetric Unserialized Class A Pipets, TC and TD accommodate use with viscous liquids.   
  • A Certificate of Accuracy is included in each case, with a batch number printed on the pipets
  • To Contain feature accommodates use with viscous liquids
  • Large numerals for capacity are printed on the pipets
  • Color coded
  • Unserialized
  • Designed and manufactured to ASTM E969 requirements
  • Manufactured from 51 expansion borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type

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