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VWR Clinical 200

Designed for ease of use, the VWR Clinical 200 centrifuge is a large capacity centrifuge ideal for use in the clinical lab as well as research settings. This versatile centrifuge will accept tubes from 5 mL to 50 mL, including all common blood draw tubes. A combination of digital displays and easy set knobs allow for quick and precise setting of operating parameters. Tight operational control is maintained by the microprocessor. An imbalance sensor is incorporated into the control loop to stop operation of the centrifuge in the case of an improperly loaded rotor. At the end of a run, dynamic braking brings the rotor to a quick and turbulence-free stop.   

Three rotor options are available for the VWR Clinical 200 centrifuge. The 50 mL angle rotor has a maximum capacity for six tubes while the 15 mL angle rotor will hold twelve. Both round and conical bottom tubes can be used in the rotors. A 6 x 5 mL swing out rotor is also available. Optional adapters accommodate various tube sizes including standard round bottom blood tubes. The VWR Clinical 200 offers a safety lock lid, preventing the lid from being opened during use. The centrifuge can be used in a cold room.

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