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Waters 515 Pump

Waters 515 Pump

Waters 515 HPLC Pump

The Waters 515 HPLC pump combines the most important aspects of HPLC performance. It offers accuracy, precision, reliability and pulse-free eluent delivery. Features such as an easy-to-read display and keypad interface provide error free programming.
The 515 HPLC pump is a programmable, free-standing HPLC pump available in isocratic, gradient, and semi-preparative configurations:   [list]   [*] Precise stepper motor control (48 steps/µL resolution) of dual reciprocating pistons   [*] Non-circular drive gears provide smooth, uniform eluent delivery   [*] User-programmable flow rate calibration and compressibility compensation factors ensure straightforward pump operation qualification   [*] Tests to retention time variations of less than 0.1% for highly reproducible peak performance   [*] Easy-to-read display and keypad for error-free programming   [*] Automatic purging and flow calibration    [/list]

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