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Waters 600 HPLC Pump

Waters 600 HPLC Pump

Waters 600 Solvent Delivery Pump

The Waters 600 is considered one of the most popular HPLC pumps ever produced. It was in production for about 25 years and received several upgrades over that time. The Waters 600 multisolvent delivery system was recently discontinued but there are many replacement parts and systems available on the market today.


Waters 600 Pump with stainless steel flow path features 50 ul pump head volume, maximum pressure 5000 psi (351.5 kg/cm2) and 0.01 to 5.0 ml/min operating flow rate. The waters 600E Multisolvent Delivery System offers no-compromise performance in a true single pump design. By combining two Waters patented technologies - time-proven solvent delivery and our innovative Random Phase Synchronization (RPS) software - the 600E Multisolvent Delivery System offers you unmatched performance compared with any other single pump gradient system.   
Until now, the design of low-pressure gradient systems was based on tradeoffs. To maintain the simplicity of a true single pump configuration, instrument manufacturers accepted inferior performance - blending accuracy and precision would vary with changes in system backpressure and flow rate. To compensate, some manufacturers relied on additional mechanical complexity, but the extra pumps and plumbing began to obscure the original benefits of the low-pressure concept - reliability, convenience, and cost.