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Waters ACQUITY CSH and XSelect Columns

Waters patent-pending, Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™) Technology powers the new Waters ACQUITY CSH and XSelect Column families. CSH Technology columns offer separation scientists a wider range of selectivities and greater performance in LC/MS-compatible mobile phases. ACQUITY CSH and XSelect columns offer method development scientists in all application areas the widest range of selectivities of any modern LC columns produced by Waters. This was accomplished without compromising such necessary performance attributes as superior peak shape for basic compounds, low column bleed, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, ultra-efficiencies and seamless transferability between different particle sizes and column formats. Many chromatographic laboratories are now part of multi-national/multi-site organizations that utilize LC systems from different vendors with varying LC platform configurations and detection modes. From a global business perspective, it is vital to be able to quickly and easily develop robust methods that are not only compatible with all modern chromatographic detection modes but are also transferable to laboratories and sites that may operate different LC system platforms. ACQUITY CSH and XSelect columns, as part of the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class total system solution, were strategically created for the 21st-century global chromatographic marketplace. CSH Technology, especially when combined with the analytical method development capabilities of UPLC Technology and the industry-leading column lifetimes offered by Optimum Bed Density (OBD) preparative columns, may have the greatest benefits to isolation and purification scientists. This increased loadability allows for the use of a narrower (lower volume) preparative column thereby reducing solvent consumption and fraction volumes. The scalability built into ACQUITY CSH and XSelect columns permits the use of UPLC Technology as a powerful method development tool for the isolation and purification scientist. How can chromatographic separation platforms that appear to be on opposite ends of the analysis scale spectrum (microbe vs. preparative) complement each other? Again, the answer lies in scalability and CSH Technology's resistance to 'pH switching' column performance degradation. Fast, robust analytical-scale saparations can be easily and quickly developed using UPLC Technology, ACQUITY CSH columns and simple mobile phase additives and then straightforwardly scaled and transferred to an XSelect OBD preparative column. In addition, the purity check of the isolated fraction(s) and/or structural analysis of isolated impurities can be determined using UPLC/MS. XSelect™ HPLC columns are the next evolutionary step in Waters LC column technology. Based on Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™) Technology, this HPLC column family offers the widest range of selectivity choices and superior peak shape improvements for basic compounds when operated in acidic, low ionic strength mobile phases (e.g., 0.1% formic acid). XSelect OBD™ Prep columns offer extremely high mass loading under low ionic strength acidic conditions and raise the performance bar for lab-scale isolation and purification columns. [b]Columns Include:[/b] [b][i]ACQUITY CSH:[/i][/b] ACQUITY CSH C18 ACQUITY CSH Fluoro-Phenyl ACQUITY CSH Phenyl-Hexyl [b][i]XSelect:[/i][/b] XSelect CSH C18 XSelect CSH Fluoro-Phenyl XSelect CSH Phenyl-Hexyl
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